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The designs and colors of our product are the combination of nature and creativity. The company believes in nature’s conservation hence we derive our ideas from it.

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Duracon Vitrified was set up with an aim to provide the best and the latest designs that would fit aptly at your living space. We set the stone of foundation in the year 2011. Since then we have never looked back. We have provided the world with the most innovative masterpieces. The range of our vitrified tiles is a set of luxurious and richly crafted designs to give to best look to your living spaces.

We are based in Morbi. Here’s our manufacturing unit that produces world class tiles for all the different class of people. We make tiles that it fits in the taste of mostly all the people. We have our own quality testing mechanisms so that the entire batches of tiles are quality tested before they are put forth in the market for business. We not only look after our finished product but also keep a close check on our raw materials to ensure that we are having the best quality of them.

We have inherited the best technologies from Italy, Spain and China. The sound technological manufacturing assures that we are delivery the best tiles in terms of quality. The technology allows us to take pride regarding the strength and water absorption property. The automation and latest technology helps us being at the leading position at National and International levels.

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The designs and colors of our product are the combination of nature and creativity. The company believes in nature’s conservation hence we derive our ideas from it. With the use of latest technology from Italy, Spain and China we are fortunate that we do not have to make any compromise when it comes to quality and texture. The technology has served us like a boon and our team of experts with in depth knowledge and passion for creativity are truly working to give something new every day to the customers.

We believe in setting trend rather than following it. Hence we always strive towards being innovative and craft new designs to set the trend current and the following one. We believe that its not always about running behind trend. Its about bringing your own expressions and converting them to real masterpiece which when laid, then it can surely rule one’s senses. Our aim is to stand out of the crowd with our ever trending designs.

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To give away with trending and distinct designs with every changing day.

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To provide customers with what they have always looked for.

To keep on making world class quality tiles for all the class of client base

To keep fair and transparent working condition with the team and customers

To grab opportunities that satiate team and customers.

Responsibility towards Nature: Being a Nature’s lover, we ensure that we protect the natural sources and resources. We try to reuse our waste product by recycling it. We also make sure that we don’t dump any hazardous waste on the land sites. The waste is treated to make in safe and then disposed off correctly. Our Environmental Management System keeps a thorough check on the waste disposal and its effect.

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